Sydney Handel

2012 | Meklah B’nina Or Khobz For Hearts | Malvern, PA | Harriton High School

During our homestay section in a village outside Sidi Slimane, I will always remember the interaction we had with the children. One of my favorites was playing Arabic hand games with Selwa, a young girl who knew no English. We communicated through gestures, games and drawing pictures!

I now view everyday affairs with a new, mature and accepting mindset. I am more willing to accept new cultures, experiences, and most importantly, people. With this experience, our group has started a fundraiser to accumulate work tools, household items, clothing and school supplies from our hometowns across the country. We look forward to making a large donation of items we know our new Moroccan friends need and use every day.

Embrace your leaders and become a family with your group. Learn to love the people you encounter on your service trip because they love you for coming. Don’t be distracted. Only miss home minimally, because you will never experience anything the same. Live in the moment, don’t regret anything, live for others and don’t hold back.