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The ARCC Programs experience is best told through our past students and their parents. We receive countless emails, letters, and phone calls from students and parents telling us about their incredible ARCC experience; each one represents a student whose life has changed by traveling with ARCC. We are thrilled to share their comments.

“The cultural experience is one that will stay with me for the rest of my life and through travels to come.”

— Liz L., ARCC Student

“This was by far the most rewarding experience of my life. This was my first ARCC trip and it far surpassed my high expectations. I have gained an understanding of the impact a small group of individuals can make on the world.”

— Liz B., ARCC Student

“This trip has given me new friends and new stories, but more importantly I am returning home with a sense of self I’ve never felt before.”

— Andrew R., Providence, RI – ARCC Student

“I think that the trip was amazing at pushing my limits and helping me grow. Without ARCC I would have never realized how much strength I actually have.”

— Sophie K., ARCC Student

“Thank you for the invaluable experience you afforded Carly. She had a great time and enjoyed every facet of the well organized and well orchestrated program.”

— Parent of Carly M.

“In all regards ARCC ran an organized, instructive, fun filled adventure. Students learned lifelong lessons; all the while having a wonderful time.”

— Parent of Dustin F.

“This trip was absolutely incredible. I have made so many lifelong friends. Seeing how the Fijian people were so happy without many material possessions changed my life.”

— Jackie D., ARCC student

“ARCC gave me the best summer of my life! ”

— Tory H., ARCC student

“This was a trip in which you learn about yourself and other cultures we would not normally be exposed to. You get to see the world while helping others. It is an experience that I would never trade for anything.”

— Lindsay H., ARCC student

“Cory had a fabulous trip! He loved his group and the area of the world this venture allowed him to see. He enjoyed the service aspect of Fiji as well as playing with the children there. He also said the water was ex- tremely beautiful. Australia was a fabulous component. He thoroughly enjoyed the diving, the cultural aspects of Sydney and the whitewater rafting. All in all, a marvelous experience for him.”

— Parent of Cory C.

“I would like future students to know that they are in for the time of their lives. It is impossible not to smile a thousand times a day or laugh all the time when you’re surrounded by encouraging leaders and friends who share a common interest. ARCC took me out of my comfort zone and made me feel so much more comfortable. ”

— Adriana V., ARCC Student

“ARCC has prepared me mentally for college next year. I feel more confident, independent and have a great appreciation for travelling.”

— Carmel C., ARCC Student

“I felt it was very well organized and well run. During the trip I felt as if my daughter was being well supervised and well taken care of and she always seemed very happy with the activities and adventures she was being exposed to. I felt like communication with the ARCC office was always easy and friendly and I felt very comfortable with the organization and layout of the trip’s itinerary.”

— Parent of Gabrielle R.

“When you experience what I’ve experienced, you’ll find it’s better to discover the world together, with new people. With them I became a new person.”

— Peter D., ARCC Student

“Christian has gained a better understanding of the global needs that people have. He has gained a new desire to want to travel the world and help people in the process. He is more willing to serve people and is a lot happier now as a result of his ARCC experience.”

— Parent of Christian S., New York, NY

“We were all friends immediately. I feel like a better person now that I have finished this trip.”

— Zach B., Mill Valley, CA, ARCC Student

“One of the best things about this trip was disconnecting our son to technology. He commented on the ride back from the airport as to how easy it was to connect to people because there were no phones, iPads or computers.”

— Parent of Jack L., Ross, CA

“Eliza came back from the trip empowered, confident and energized. Over those two weeks, she became a citizen of the world; building on her natural compassion, she developed new understanding of the human spirit across geographic boundaries.”

— Parent of Eliza G., Hinsdale, IL

“This was my second ARCC trip in a row and ARCC is now 2 for 2. All I can think about already is where I’d want to go next. I can’t wail till I’m old enough to be a trip leader.”

— Tyler O., Pleasantville, NY, ARCC Student

“Nate came home much more confident in himself, and I could tell he was proud to have achieved this goal of traveling without his parents. He knows now that he can make new friends, be a leader, and take charge of situations.”

— Parent of Nathaniel W., Medford, OR

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