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The ARCC Programs experience is best told through our past students and their parents. We receive countless emails, letters, and phone calls from students and parents telling us about their incredible ARCC experience; each one represents a student whose life has changed by traveling with ARCC. We are thrilled to share their comments.

“This trip was so amazing. I never thought I would experience something like I did on this trip. I feel so thankful for this experience, the people I met and the memories. I wouldn’t trade this for anything. I had a summer of a lifetime and made everlasting friends! Thanks ARCC! ”

— Bri R., ARCC Student

“LOVED it! This was the greatest month of my life. I learned so much and experienced so many new things. I also love the people I met on my trip and these two amazing countries!
It’s amazing!”

— Caroline V., ARCC Student

“Cambodia and Vietnam was life changing. I really felt like I was making a difference.”

— Julia F., Wilson, WY, ARCC Student

“Amazing trip.”

— Davis H., Cherry Hills Village, CO, ARCC Student

“I don’t remember the last time I was this happy. The whole two weeks I was so content. I felt like it would go on forever!”

— Ella I., Laurel Hollow, NY, ARCC Student

“The service on this trip is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. Seeing the kids faces light up when they know that you are their new friend is a phenomenal feeling.”

— Emma W., Short Hills, NJ, ARCC Student

“I’ve never seen such a variety of culture, geography and scenery .”

— Ben I., Laurel Hollow, NY, ARCC Student

“Absolutely the best, most worthwhile service I have ever done.”

— Briana S., Lake Worth, FL

“The itinerary and trip were wonderful!”

— Parents of Katelyn R. Downingtown, PA

“Our daughter had an absolutely amazing time. She went on her own and made wonderful friends. The group leaders were incredible. This trip will have a life long impact on her (in a good way) which is exactly what we wanted.”

— Parents of Rachael G. Philadelphia, PA

“Louise had a fabulous experience! She loved the homestay (after worrying about it), the turtle restoration project, the sailing, Athens, and of course her leaders! She felt she got along with everyone and came back more confident with herself and her ability to try new adventures. Thanks for all you did to make the trip a success!”

— Parent of Louise S. – Evanston, IL

“This trip is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I wish I could do it again right now. Between the things I learned, the friends I made and the places I went, I can’t think of any better way to spend my summer.”

— Emma VL., Katonah, NY, ARCC Student

“The Thailand trip gives you great opportunities to learn more about yourself while helping others. It really gives you a look into different perspectives of the culture here.”

— Chelsea W., Haddonfield, NJ, ARCC Student

“I really like the people on this trip. The people are what make a trip and ARCC always has good people applying to it.”

— Hunter B., NYC, NY, ARCC Student

“The ARCC trip opened my eyes to the diversity and adventure that await in new countries. The language and social barriers are easily – and quickly – torn down. It’s life changing.”

— Kelsey H., Reno, NV, ARCC Student

“Thailand exceeded my expectations. The locals were so hospitable and welcoming.”

— Sami W., ARCC Student

“The people were so unbelievably great that I enjoyed every moment. The leaders, the kids were great and I am so happy I came on this trip. I really enjoyed the community service and EVERYTHING. It was outstanding.”

— Benny G., ARCC Student

“Connor could not say enough about the trip – his group, the leaders, the culture, the activities. It was all he hoped for and more!”

— Parent of Connor W., Salt Lake City, UT

“She is a different person… very much for the better. She is carrying a calmness and perspective that she didn’t have before the trip. She learned so much about herself and her ability to work with others.”

— Parent of Edie D., Malibu, CA

“ARCC has given me the opportunity to travel the world, explore and immerse myself in new cultures, and meet incredible people along the way. My experiences with ARCC have changed my life and have most importantly showed me that I can make a difference in this world.”

— Jillian B., Lloyd Harbor, NY, ARCC Student

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