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The ARCC Programs experience is best told through our past students and their parents. We receive countless emails, letters, and phone calls from students and parents telling us about their incredible ARCC experience; each one represents a student whose life has changed by traveling with ARCC. We are thrilled to share their comments.

“Brooke adored her leaders. She has gone to camp and taken trips over the summer with leaders since she was 9 years old, and she was incredibly thrilled with the chance to get to know her ARCC leaders. They were far superior in every way to any leaders she has had in the past. They were kind, fun, intelligent, helpful, available, positive, enthusiastic, and genuine, she is so lucky to have had the opportunity to travel with them.”

— Parent of Brooke Y., Scarsdale NY

“Olivia always returns from her ARCC trips with amazing new relationships and a stronger desire to due future service work.”

— Parent of Olivia H,. Midlothian, VA

“She found her leaders very knowledgeable about China and she enjoyed learning the history. Despite being very tired, she was bubbling with enthusiasm upon her return. Thank you.”

— Parent of Olivia H., Seattle, WA

“Allison’s world vision has clearly been expanded greatly. While she was a relatively confident young woman before, I think this trip further bolstered her confidence level and her ability to relate to all the different kids in the group underscored one of her strongest traits: she is accepting and willing to get along with everyone.”

— Parent of Allison W., Houston, TX

“Kyle definitely expanded his horizons with this trip. His meal choices have become more mature. He recognizes, maybe for the first time, how privileged his own life is and how much help many others in the world need.”

— Parent of Kyle M,. Northbrook, IL

“ARCC trips teach independence and self-reliance. My daughters have learned to deal with challenges and adversity on their own and in a safe environment. They have learned that they can adapt and succeed, even when way out of their comfort zones. They have made friends, and they have seen and done things that I know they wouldn’t have otherwise seen or done.”

— Parent of Maggie G., Coppell, TX

“Both Leaders were awesome – completely professional, fun and reassuring. Thanks for the great job!”

— John T., ARCC Student, Seattle, WA

“I think that the impact that we made during our service projects really made a difference, you could really see it in the faces of the people we helped.”

— Katie S., Woodinville, WA

“Only with ARCC and it’s leaders are you able to form a family bond while exploring unseen parts of the world with complete strangers.”

— Sebastian H., Greenwich, CT

“There were so many once in a lifetime moments on this trip that I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”

— Alya S., Weston, CT

“This was by far one of the best trips I have ever taken. The people you meet, not only your group, but also your leaders and [in-country] guides are absolutely amazing. Hands down, it is completely worth coming.”

— Gigi G., Piedmont CA

“Before she left on this trip, Gigi was an independent, confident young girl. Now I see her as a worldly young women, excited to explore new things and grounded in the new friendships that she made on the trip. The leaders were a perfect combination of caring, fun, relaxed and silly. This group seemed to have a very special bond.”

— Parent of Gigi G., Piedmont, CA

“She had a wonderful experience and really broadend her perspectives of our world. Fabulous time, and a strong program”

— Parent of Olivia P., Nevada City, CA

“A challenging adventure that is a chance of a lifetime! Amazing service projects! I was so beyond happy to help all the places we visited, it was an amazing experience.”

— Lacey S., ARCC Student

“Jared had an amazing time and really learned a lot. He hasn’t stopped talking about his trip since he got back. [It was a] great trip!”

— Parent of Jared S., Brookline, MA

“From the immense beauty of the Himalayas to the craziness of city life in Delhi, this program taught me so much about myself and India and challenged me to grow as a person.”

— Jillian B. ARCC Student

“He has gained new insights into the problems in the world and the individual’s ability to make change”

— Parent of Matt C., Kentfield CA

“I will never forget everything that I saw and the relationships I have established. Indian culture and all the people really made me open my eyes and truly changed my perspective on my own life.”

— Claire A., ARCC student

“The service we did in the Himalayas was incredible and so worthwhile, and should absolutely be continued in the future.”

— Jillian B, ARCC Student

“It [India] was absolutely one of the most beautiful and amazing experiences of my life.”

— Caroline E., ARCC Student

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