Sierra Derke

Gap Director

Sierra joined the ARCC office team in 2022 after numerous years leading experiential education programs stateside and abroad. Her passion for different cultures started young while learning new languages, and encouraged her to travel to El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, Peru, Chile, and Fiji. She is excited for the new adventure of supporting families and students as they broaden their worldview through programs with ARCC. When not at work she spends her time backpacking, painting, and constantly looking for sunny places to enjoy in the backcountry.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about travel, the intersection of environmental issues and social justice, sunshine, and creating art in as many forms as I can.

What is your favorite place to have visited?

Soaking in the sun just above the tree line on a mountain surrounded by chirping marmots is my heaven on earth. If I could spend every summer day there, I couldn’t be happier.

What is your favorite ARCC Program?

As this was the program that brought me to the ARCC team, South America Gap holds a special place in my heart. The magnitude of the mountains and the striking blue of the rivers in Chile took my breath away.