Shaun Rosen

2011 | Pura Vida For All | Hampstead, Quebec, Canada | Marianopolis Cegep

During Our Rafting Section Our Instructor, Jimmy, Told Us To Get Out, Lay Back, And Let The Water Take Us. I Remember Resting Against The Water And Letting It Carry Me. I Was Overwhelmed With Joy And Now Whenever Something Stresses Me Out Back At Home, I Think Back To This Joyful Moment And It Just Totally Turns My Day Around.

The trip was priceless. I was in such a beautiful country with such amazing people. To say the least: I was inspired. I told myself that I would apply everything I learned from this trip to my day-to-day life. I decided to join my school’s Free The Children club in order to help out with certain issues around the world. Independently, I was inspired by my trip to create a website to raise awareness for issues in Costa Rica. My experience with ARCC inspired me to make a difference in this world. I started “Pura Vida for All” with hopes of getting many people involved in helping the world. Adventures Cross Country opened my eyes to the power that one individual can have in this massive world. I want to start off by raising awareness, and hopefully, eventually expanding the cause to have a much bigger effect. I could not have done this without the help of ARCC. Thank you so much!

An ARCC trip gives you the opportunity to make a difference. Take advantage of every single moment of your trip, and I guarantee you that you will feel good about yourself, and about what you are doing.