Sarah Litwin

2012 | Tikkun Olam Club (“Repairing The World”) & Peelers For Peru Fundraiser | Newton, MA | Gann Academy

After a long and tiring day of travel and building stoves, most everyone was exhausted, and could not wait for dinner. I peaked around the corner of our community room and noticed three cooks rushing around trying to prepare dinner for all 20 of us. I asked them if they needed help and they smiled and pulled a chair around a small table so I could help peel potatoes for dinner. This was the beginning to my beautiful friendship with the cooks in Huayllaccocha.

My work in Huayllaccocha has inspired me for my lifetime. I joined a community service club at school where I am running my own fundraiser, ‘Peelers for Peru’, for Huayllaccocha. I plan to use the money raised to purchase work gloves and peelers for the workers and cooks in Huayllaccocha. Moreover, the people of Huayllaccocha inspired me to take action, and now, I hope to give back to them.

Recognize the importance of every moment of your ARCC trip. Remember, that just being on an ARCC trip shows that you care, and that you are making a difference.