Rob LeMeur

Rob hails from Warren, PA, near Allegheny National Park. After working in Microfinance in San Francisco, Rob decided to change gears and moved overseas for a teaching position in Thailand. Thereafter, leaving the classroom behind he stepped into myriad outdoor education roles as a climbing guide, backpack instructor, ski teacher, and international instructor for students. Passionate about education and international travel, Rob joined ARCC with significant experience teaching and living overseas in England, Scotland, Thailand, Portugal, and Israel. Rob loves everything that comes with an ARCC semester: the adventure, the unexpected twists and turns, the food, and the bonding experience with students. Some fun facts about Rob: he loves chess, surfing, running, building fires, and oddly enough, doing dishes. His most recent fun activity was hiking Three Peaks on Oahu, it was one of the more challenging and dangerous hikes he’s ever done!