Rebecca Golding

2010 | The Pura Vida Club | Rancho Palos Verde, CA | Palos Verdes High School

Dancing with all the kids at Escuela de Florida. The Shakira song “Waka Waka” came on and we all started doing a Congo line! All the ARCC kids knew the words to the song as well as the Costa Rican students and it was a great example of how music can really unify the world.

I think traveling abroad and participating in service work is so important because then you are able to see what goes on in other places and what you can do to help the people who live there. Once I saw how eager all of the students at La Escuela de Florida were to learn, I knew I had to help out. The time we spent there and the donations we brought were so appreciated, but I wanted to help out in a more long-term way. The goal of the Pura Vida Club is to provide supplies, money and children’s books to the students of La Escuela de Florida. So far we’ve had over 70 people sign up for the club and we’ve already begun raising money with a bake sale!

Find something you’re passionate about, something that makes you happy and makes you feel good when you do it. Continue doing that and you’ll positively affect other people’s lives.