Patrick Sheehan

2010 | New York, NY | Lycee Francais De New York

The overnight stay in Tembo gave me a chance to experience life in the home of a rural Tanzanian family. What made the moment truly special was to see the joy on Mohammed’s face, my host. Mohammed was learning English and was ecstatic to show how comfortable he was when speaking the language. As darkness filled the skies, we broke out the candles and played a friendly game of UNO with the cards I had brought. Even though Mohammed was the only person who spoke English, the family and I had no problem interacting. Smiles, high-fives, and laughs broke through the language and culture barriers.

I think that my ARCC adventure in 2009 helped me understand that, even though I am young, I can already impact the lives of others. After our work in Tanzania, I saw a genuine sense of joy and happiness in both the children and adults we worked with. My realization of the magnitude of my effect inspired me to do something more.

Cure Tanzania’s goal is simple: to raise money to help build a health clinic in the Meserani region of Northern Tanzania. In addition to building the clinic, Cure Tanzania seeks to help finance the purchase of medical supplies since antivenin vials cost each over $100 dollars and a bad Black Mamba snake bite requires nine vials for a cure. All resources donated to Cure Tanzania will be used effectively to improve the health conditions of the population in the region!