Permaculture and Restorative Farming!

We woke the following morning (Nov 1) to stories of enormous raccoons visiting our discarded green mac and cheese last night. Unfortunately for the raccoons, we were leaving that day. At our next stop of the semester we dove into working with local environmental organization that focuses on creating a restorative economy throughout the area. […]

White Water Rafting

Hey Everyone! We are back! We are currently on our way to Durango after an AMAZING rafting trip down the Colorado River. We traveled 110 miles down the river and found plenty of rapids to soak ourselves with and beautiful beaches to camp on each night. We spent our nights eating delicious dinners and gazing […]

The Grand Canyon and our Student Planned Module

Student Planned Module The Student Planned Module (SPM) is a component of every ARCC Semester. This 3-4 day block is intentionally unplanned by the ARCC office, so as to provide an opportunity for each student to work within the group to plan activities, accommodations, transportation, meals, etc. Students are given basic parameters around safety and […]