Melissa Last

2011 | HeART To HeART | Scarsdale, NY | Edgemont High School

White water rafting down an Amazon River tributary and spending time with the amazing people and friends I made on my trip.

In addition to being an incredible summer, my trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos really increased my awareness and appreciation of the world around me. My trip inspired me to create heART to heART as a way to both keep in contact with the school children that I got to meet and also get to share some of the culture I experienced first-hand with my community. heART to heART links the Ecuadorian school children, I fell in love with over the summer, to children from my local elementary school. By mailing one another artwork they make, each group of children get the opportunity to learn from the other’s culture, much like I did on my ARCC trip.

My advice for future ARCC students is to go on their trips with open minds and to take in as much as they can because it is truly a unique and awesome experience.