Ryan Manders

ARCC Leader Since: 2016
Programs as a Leader: Hawaii Summer, Australia Fiji Summer, Costa Rica Summer, Centro-Caribbean Gap
Education: B.S. in Wildlife Ecology and Biology with a Minor in Conservation Biology
After his first international trip to Tanzania, Ryan became hooked with travel and animals. Throughout college and thereafter, he traveled all around Central and South America working on a variety of research projects that ranged from catching caiman, finding frogs, banding birds, and chasing monkeys, to name just a few. Ryan shifted his focus to education when he began working with students and helping them find their connection to the outdoors. In addition to leading for ARCC, Ryan has led many trips in Southeast Asia where he lived for five years. Most recently he has grown his teaching experiences through teaching at an international school in Singapore while also starting and developing the outdoor education department at that school. Ryan enjoys spending his free time traveling, playing sports (especially hockey), hiking, water activities, and learning more about video editing.