Arribada of Turtles!!!

Here we are to share some fantastic news! Against all odds and to the astonishment of the local scientific community, we witnessed a rare and unexpected arribada in which thousands of mama turtles came to lay eggs on a single nearby beach over the course of three days. The sight was truly astonishing to behold, as a constant stream of Olive Ridley sea turtles poured onto Playa Corsolito and dug forearm deep holes into the sand to lay anywhere between 60-110 eggs.

The night patrols on San Miguel beach were a success as well as we helped move hundreds of eggs to a local hatchery to be protected until birth. Many of the students were able to witness a hatch as well among eggs that had sat in the hatchery for 50 days. On a cuteness scale from 1-10, this experience was by far an 11. We were able to feel good about our contribution decreasing the ability of poachers from taking the eggs.

The nonprofit we’ve been working for is amazing and we are incredibly grateful for the educational and volunteer opportunities that were presented to us. A big shout out to our cook Marjorie who served us an incredible variety of local dishes as well as homemade cake that went above and beyond what we could have ever expected!

Everyone on our trip has been through a leadership position in this first week, and they will now be taking on Leader of the Week roles as we are traveling. Shout out to Neal and Talisa, our first LOWs that brought a ton of laughter to our evening circle where we all shared turtle themed stories, some of which we laughed so hard it made us cry.

We are en route back to San Jose just before heading to the Pacuare River to go rafting! Here’s to our continued adventure around Costa Rica and we will update you later!

Ps. Animals we’ve seen so far: monkeys, macaws, turtles, unidentified squirrel like objects, butterflies, iguanas and bugs…lots of bugs!