Trekking in Fiji

Bula! After traveling to Fiji, we began our 4 day trek through the Fijian highlands. Our first stop was to the village of Nusukamai. When we arrived, we were greeted by the village elders with a suva suva ceremony where we drank traditional Fijian kava. The long sleep that night definitely helped us rest up for the next days long hike through the Fijian highlands. Although we were tired and sweaty, it was all worthwhile when we saw the majestic views and beautiful jungle rainfall. When we made it to the second village, we were greeted by many Fijian children. We taught them games and played with them for many hours. There energetic spirit wore us out and it was easy to get a good nights sleep. We are looking forward to seeing what lies before us in the next few villages that we travel to!