The Grand Canyon and our Student Planned Module

Student Planned Module
The Student Planned Module (SPM) is a component of every ARCC Semester. This 3-4 day block is intentionally unplanned by the ARCC office, so as to provide an opportunity for each student to work within the group to plan activities, accommodations, transportation, meals, etc. Students are given basic parameters around safety and a budget with which to work, but are otherwise free to research and explore what they would most like to do as a group. Working together they must put together a proposal for their instructors, who check for any potential issues. Once approved by the instructors, the whole group departs on their adventure!

Hey everyone!

Following the Golden Cathedral hike in Bureau of Land Management land (BLM land), we traveled to Zion National Park. On the first day, we were able to explore the gorgeous Emerald Pools and hike up Angel’s Landing. Both of these hikes had amazing scenery and breathtaking outlooks. We were up bright and early the next day with a dance competition. We hiked the beginning of the narrows and took the rest of the day to shop, take an optional hike, or just chillax.

Then came the one and only Grand Canyon! While some of us were hiking the canyon rim trail and checking out the gift shops, others were on the daunting South Kaibab hike with a 2,000 ft elevation change. Not only did we have an absolutely gorgeous hike at the Grand Canyon, but we went back to see the sunset. Shout out to cook crew for cooking in the dark.

Then began our Student Planned Module (SPM). Due to last-minute changes, rather than going to Santa Fe, we went to Sedona and Flagstaff. Originally, we had planned to stay at a first-come, first-serve campground. Even though it was full, we were able to shift to free land on Forest Road 237. Our time in Sedona and Flagstaff was split between roaming around eating delicious food, learning about the Buddhist Temple (Stupa) in Peace Park, enjoying the natural water slides in Slide Rock Park, and thrift shopping.

While we all had different roles, we were all able to come together as a group, gain new leadership skills, and persevere through numerous obstacles. Overall, our SPM was a huge growth experience and an awesome real-world learning experience.

Until next time,