Surf’s Up!

For the cook crew and leaders of the day, today began at 5:30. They labored in the kitchen making delicious pancakes for an hour. At 6:30, we were all up, eating and talking about surfing. When Luigi and Fredo came to our campsite at 7:30, we were ready to go, rash guards and all. We collected the surfboards and walked to the beach. After a quick name game and a safety overview, the instructors divided us into two groups, one surfing and one swimming. Each group went out for an hour and by 10:30, everyone had gotten up! We took a lunch break after our first session. We weren’t sick of the beach yet, though, and after lunch we all went to swim and relax at the beach.

Our next session started at 1:45, the down time was short. By the time Luigi and the crew came back, everyone was down to surf again. Ryan and Georgia showed us up, being their naturally gifted California selves. during a session, Ian got stung by a stingray. I was surfing, making me quite nervous when it occurred. We got him back to the site and his foot soaked in water. After rinsing off and/or showering, the group spread out along the table to play different card games.

After a yummy dinner of Grilled Cheese, with American (finally), cheese and tomato chicken noodle soup, Jill, Emma and Natalie, pampered us with dessert. Daniel shared his delicious recipe of his baked bananas. After dessert. Luigi and the crew came to show us our pictures. We all got some really intense ones for the best deal ever. Today was a very accomplished yet relaxing day. It’s crazy to think that we only have 1 more day together!