Student Planned Module in Nepal

Hello again everyone. Here is a lovely life update! This last week was our Student Planned Module. This means that the students were in charge of planning out our itinerary for the week. Pheebs and the great Aldini passed the torch down to the kiddos so we had to adult for a week. It was all up to us to figure out transportation, budgeting and activities.

We chose to spend time at a homestay in a nearby village with our friend Sabita that we met at the Monastery for the first two days of Student Planned Module. The homestay was a very special experience for many reasons, the first being that our monk friends, Lekshey and Jampa accompanied us to the village. We got to spend extra time laughing and learning with them which was nice. We were welcomed with open arms by Sabita’s family. On the first night we helped make a mandala using brightly colored sand and flour. The mandala was to invite Laxmi, the goddess of wealth, to bring the family good fortune and luck. During the rest of our time at Sabita’s we played cards, enjoyed yummy foods and went on a small hike to a resort in the area where we got to hang out poolside. On our last day at the homestay we celebrated Bai Tika with Sabita’s family which is a celebration that honors the brothers and sisters. We received Tika and special blessings from Sabita. It was a beautiful ceremony!

For the second half of Student Planned Module we spent some time in the city of Pokhara being tourists. We were planning on going zip lining, but the zip line was under repair so it was cancelled. We went back to the Monastery instead and visited all of our monk friends. The last night of our Student Planned Module we went to as many live music venues as possible and danced till we dropped. Overall the Student Module was a jolly grand time and a success!

Today, November 12th is the marker of our last month abroad. Parents, your children shall be returned to you all in one piece shortly don’t you fear. November 12th is also special because we return back to India today. As I sit here in seat 1B on flight A1 216 and write my last blog post for the week my heart is heavy. I am saddened to be leaving all the amazing, kind, warm and generous people of Nepal. This place has a certain magic to it that makes you never want to leave. However, the journey must continue on and all the wonders of India await us!