Quitugo Village Service!

Today we woke up early so that we could maximize our community service hours. We started off the day by breaking into two groups: one group of four and another group of eight. The small group helped a family by replacing their decrepit concrete floors with new ones. The larger group started making the foundation of a new house for a family of eight. It was really touching to see the conditions in which these families were living in and to see the impact that we were able to make in their lives.

After working hard and laborious hours in the morning, we were able to relax and watch the finals for the World Cup. One family was generous to lend us their TV, which we were able to repay their kindness with leftover brownies from Mina’s birthday celebrations. After this, a whole bunch of us had the opportunity to play games with local children. We played with the children all night and were able to give them Mina’s balloons from her birthday celebration. The kids greatly enjoyed them and promised to come back and play with us tomorrow!