Our Time on Kauai

Hi from Kauai! Thursday, the group woke up very early to make the hour and a half drive to begin the Zodiak Boat tour. To me, this was the most thrilling experience so far. We joined our captains Dennis, and Jason on the small raft to blast over choppy waves and through dark, bat infested caves at high speeds while enjoying the beautiful view of the Napali Coast and the Kalalau Trail.

After the ride, the group gathered at the Kalalau ancient Hawaiian village to learn about its rehabilitation and to snorkel around its beach. During the tour of the village, Jessie met an old friend from Ramhuai and Erin demonstrated her coconut breaking skills on a local noni stump. While snorkeling, the group saw beautiful fish and lush reefs. Filipe, proved to be adept at swimming through underwater tunnels. When our snorkeling time came to a close, we boarded the raft once again to return to the campsite.

Friday was my favorite day so far. In the morning, we went to the Waimea beach to help the Surf Rider Foundation by cutting nets that endanger marine life and picking up trash and debris along the beach. Everyone worked hard during the service project especially Austin and Natalie, who filled two large burlap sacks. After everyone had aided Surf Rider, we all gathered for lunch and said our goodbyes to the local leaders of The Foundation who gave us bracelets, made from nets to remind us of our service and Surf Rider’s purpose.

The rest of our day was also awesome. With help from experienced, Roxy sponsored, surf instructors we gathered at another beach, to learn and practice the ancient Hawaiian sport of surfing. Everyone had a blast learned a lot. John was an awesome first time surfer, who naturally picked up the basics very quickly. After hours of fun we returned to camp for our final night in Kauai. Today we fly to Maui for new adventures.