Our Private Fijian Island

Today we woke up on the private island of Nanuku. A few of us slept out on the beach, and we awoke to an amazing sunrise. We had a breakfast of oatmeal and fresh pineapple, and then headed onto the beach to enjoy the warm and sunny weather! We laid out, played beach volleyball, and swam in the turquoise water, and after lunch we wrote letters to ourselves that ARCC will send us in a few months. Eventually we packed up and headed on a short boat ride back to the village of Nawaisomo (where we had previously done our service work), and they welcomed us with a final celebration feast before we head back to the mainland of Fiji tomorrow. After a big dinner, we watched some men perform tribal dances while the rest of the village sang. Then they invited us to dance with them, and for a few hours we danced with the men, women, and children of the village. Finally, we were tired out from all the dancing and festivities, and we returned to the house where we fell asleep for the last time in our wonderful Fijian village. It was a good end to our time and Fiji, and tomorrow we return to the Nadi Bay Hotel before flying to Australia.