Our New Home

To add some details about the town we are staying in: it is really small and scattered with only about 80 people living here (I have seen only about 20 so far). They must walk up and down the roads (or by horse or Jeep) to get to the center of town (which is not the center of town as imagined – instead it is a crossroads). All the people are extremely friendly and don’t mind our horrible Spanish. Read more

I talked to Rafa today. He and his brother Santiago have lived in this town for 30 years. 30 years ago there were only two families, no school, and no church. His mother and father were so passionate about the land; they loved living here and really wanted the community to grow. His Mom and Dad created the trail that some of the ARCC groups hike on, sometimes chipping away at rocks for days at a time to create stairs. Rafa was extremely grateful for the work we were doing for their community. There are now 21 families who live here! He said that if his mother could see us working she would cry (with happiness). It is like a dream for him to have our help.