Most memorable moments!

Hello ARCC families! As our trip comes to a close, we all share our most memorable moments. We asked everyone what their most memorable moment has been of the past two weeks. Here it is!!! Sam: My most memorable moment was not on one day, but it was learning all about the DR and seeing how they live and learning about their culture. Harry: My most memorable moment was having water wars during white water rafting. Our guide, “Killer,” was awesome!

Devin: My most memorable moment was the La Mina service project, which was such an amazing experience of culture and tradition.
Ben: My most memorable moment was jumping into the ocean for the first time this year (at 85 degrees)! Also, first time surfing!
Maddi L: The most memorable moment was going surfing and to Playa Grande. It was so much fun and so gorgeous! I also loved the Indian Feast!
Maddie M: My most memorable moment was having an Indian food feast and jumping the 27 waterfalls! It made the trip super fun!
Maddie N: My most memorable moment from this trip has been everything, from surfing in Cabarete to attacking fences with a crowbar in La Mina! The people on this trip made this experience better than I could ever imagine!
Caroline: My most memorable moment was the Indian Feast. It was such a special feast and I felt so lucky to be able to experience it. Of all the incredible food we’ve eaten, that meal definitely stood out the most!
Ellie: This trip was so amazing, which makes it hard to choose just one memorable moment! I really enjoyed rafting, surfing, and spending time with the group!
Lauren: The entire trip is one I will never forget! However, the most memorable moments were rafting, our days at the beach, and making -hopefully lifetime- friends!
Emmie: The most memorable part of the trip for me was everything. My favorite parts were probably rafting and surfing for the first time ever!
Gillian: This whole trip has been memorable! But some of my favorite parts were seeing the gorgeous Playa Grande and surfing and rafting. I had so much fun seeing the Dominican Republic and making new friends!!!
Sloane: Everyday on this trip was memorable, but being able to do construction as well as surfing and jumping the 27 waterfalls were great experiences! The little things like dancing on the bus and the delicious food also created lasting memories for me.
Tara: The most memorable moment of the trip for me was completing the high challenge course. I was so scared while I was up in the air, but once I was down looking up at what I completed, I felt super proud!
Cat: The entire trip was amazing, but the most memorable part was the unplanned party bus when everyone started dancing!
Emily G: My most memorable moment was doing construction with the DREAM foundation because it was so fun and everyone was so energetic and giggly. The entire trip has been so awesome and our group made it so much more amazing!
Jennie: This trip has been so fun! My most memorable moment would be rafting and falling out of the boat and being under water. It was such a rush!