Journal: Boys and Girls Club Service

Wednesday we woke up and made yummy chocolate chip pancakes before heading to the Kauai Boys and Girls Club. Once there, we got a short orientation and then went out to meet the kids. We played some ice breaker games to get to know each other then went to the main program which consisted of team building relays, puzzles, an obstacle course and a “Fear Factor” food challenge. Jessie was the only one who completed the challenge!

After the official program we had lunch and played games with the kids such as basketball, board games, pool, foosball and more. It was hard to leave because the kids were so amazing; we had bonded with them so fast!
In the afternoon we were back at our new home. We played some three flies up, spikeball, and swam a bit before showers and had chicken quesadillas for dinner. For evening circle, we played Entourage and then we all answered the question of that day, “What is a fear you have overcome and how did you do that?”,
Today we headed into Ka’paa to tour the town to do a shop and then spent some time with Kalen at the Walpa Foundation. Kalen gave us an overview of the program and we got to hear some great stories.
Currently some of us are sitting on the beach and others are out swimming in the ocean. It is beautiful and we are so happy to be here with this amazing group of people, our ohana!