Hike and Tour of the Napali Coast

Napali Coast, HawaiiWednesday morning we woke up to an amazing breakfast of French toast prepared by Isabella and Beaumont. After breakfast we were delighted to get our phones back to connect with family while Ben and Debbie cleaned up breakfast. We then took a short drive to the Na’Pali Coast trailhead and began out expedition to the falls. On the drive we played the pump up song “Good Day” by Nappy Roots. About a mile into our hike we ran into a lost dog named Prince who became our adopted hiking friend.

Maren and Carter fashioned a leash out of a string from a hat and Prince joined us for the rest of the day. It took us just over three hours to make it to the falls where we took pictures, ate lunch, and plunged into the cold water under the waterfall. Katherine, William, Cady, Sam, Beaumont, Isabella, Maren and Carter made the steep trek to the top of the mountain to see the view from up high and took pictures of Alex, Hunter and Dimitri. On the hike down some were “deadbugged” (an ARCC game) and others pushed their comfort zones to complete the journey. After the truly eye opening experience we made our way back to VANessa to get back to our campsite for some showers. As a reward for all our hard work on the trail, Ben and Debbie took us to Bubba’s Burgers for a tasty dinner out. It was a hard day, but a great day!

Thursday we started early at 5:45 am! We downed some scrambled eggs and bacon and put on our swimsuits for the Zodiac tour. Due to the low tide, we had to get out of the boat to help push it over the sand bar. Huffing and puffing, we pushed the boat into the sea. We ventured over the choppy waters and through caves and passed the beautiful mountains of the Na’Pali Coast. Captain Jason informed us of the rich history if the island, while Nancy cheered. Once we got to the reef, we tied up and continued the fun. We took a short but fascinating tour of an ancient fishing village before eating some lunch and taking a brief snorkel tour. Everyone got to see some beautiful marine life and shortly after it was time to get back on the boat. Alex and Debbie prepared for the rocky ride with ginger chews and hoped not to get sea sick. On the other hand, Carter and William eagerly jumped to the front of the boat to enjoy huge swells. Since we were covered in salty water, we headed back to camp to shower and make the trek to do some laundry. After going to 7 Eleven and having a push up contest, we finished folding laundry and headed to Ka’Paa and Hanalei for some souvenir shopping. When we got back to camp we made and easy dinner and packed up camp after evening circle. We were sad to say goodbye to Kaua’i, but very excited to head to Maui!