Helping Families in the Sacred Valley!

We spent the last four days in a village in the Sacred Valley. All of us slept in a room in the community center and ate delicious traditional Peruvian food. During the day we split up into three groups and built stoves for the locals.

Before we came, families used inefficient burning stoves that filled the houses with smoke, which led to respiratory problems and caused forest degradation. We built the new stoves out of adobe bricks, barro, rebar, and sheets of metal. Everyone gave it their all! The community was very grateful for our help.

When we weren’t building stoves, we spent our time hiking, star gazing, playing games, bonding as a group and with the local community. Our final night in town, last night, a few of the children in the group brought a stereo outside and many of the group joined them for a short dance party. This morning, some of us took a hike to the top of a hill above the town to discover a beautiful view of the snowy mountains around the town. Before leaving, the president of the village came by to thank us for our help and offered everyone a glass of Inca Cola. We have just arrived back in Cusco at our hotel to enjoy a much anticipated shower. We look forward to pizza for dinner tonight. We are looking forward to going white water rafting tomorrow!