Habitat for Humanity

Hello family, friends and all other blog readers!

We’ve had a wonderful week of service in Colville, Washington where we worked with Habitat for Humanity. We had a few different projects: labeling clothing for in-store sales, renovating a sign for a local Bingo hall, and helping a family rebuild their home after it was burned down by a fire.

We stayed in a group dorm room called The Grange where we played tons of group games such as Mafia, spoons, phase 10, empire and many more. We also had a chance to run some curriculum exercises, we read introductory articles to Hawaii, Hawaiian marine life and the famous Hawaiian volcanoes. If you can’t tell, we’re excited for Hawaii!

But we’re making the most of our time in Washington before we leave the US mainland. Our Leaders of the Week during this section, Jeremy and Emma, have more details:

Jeremy on Halloween in Colville: “In Colville on Halloween night the Unicorns (our student party planners) planned a Halloween themed party with team games such as mummy race, freeze dance, shaving balloons, trivia, and donut on a string. Petey and Kit won the game night by a slim, but convincing, margin. We all dressed up in costumes with the boys and girls and ate a ton of candy throughout the party. It was great for the group dynamic and was a blast throughout the whole night.”

Emma on Melo’s 19th birthday: “Meli’s birthday was a day of massive celebration. The Unicorns planned a great party complete with (root)beer pong, tostadas, carrot cake, and a Rainbow Dash piñata. After the celebration was over we set up our new projector to watch the movie “Us” – Meli’s choice of course. And although I am NOT a horror movie girl, I have to appreciate the inner workings of the mind of Jordan Peel, even if I couldn’t sleep a wink that night.”

Jeremy on pool day and game day: “The group went to a pool to cool off and shower after a productive afternoon of service work. The group relaxed in a hot tub, swam laps and ran rounds of chicken fights. We got back to our place, locked into our childhood life and played hide and go seek outside with a bunch of funny places for the seekers to find all of us. We learned very weird things about each other during several games of Empire such as: Trevor’s favorite president, favorite deserts, and silly instruments that people like. It was nice to see people’s silly and weird sides show throughout the game which ended in lots of smiles and laughter.”

Emma on rebuilding the Pickett’s house: “Our last project for Habitat for Humanity was working with the Pickett family. The Pickett’s lost their home to a wildfire almost three years ago and have been without one ever since. We all had an amazing time working with the family. We helped prepare the shed they have been using as a family gathering place for the winter. We cut and installed insulation and drywall. Working with the Picketts and seeing how much positivity they had despite all they had lost was extremely inspiring for us all.”

Thank you for reading! Next, we have an exciting adventure planned entirely by students! We’re heading to Port Angeles and Olympic National Park (both in Washington) for the Student Planned Module. You can expect the next blog around November 9th.

All our best,
Rob and Sophie