Habitat for Humanity Service and Surfing

Today we woke up and quickly chowed down some oatmeal as we rushed to the shores of Kihei for our first surfing session. It was spectacular! Although we had some experienced surfers, many were new to the skill and I am proud to write that we picked it up quite well! Those few moments of riding a wave while standing on a surfboard are so exhilarating and fulfilling! It was incredible! Read more

After our successful morning of catching gnarly waves, we enjoyed a delicious lunch. We then headed back to the Habitat for Humanity site for our final day of volunteering in Maui. We painted, chopped out weeds, cleared driveways and really helped out! Upon finishing our day’s work we proudly said goodbye to our friends and houses at Habitat.

When we returned to Uncle Al’s farm it was pouring rain so we staked out in the classroom talking to our welcoming host and tasting Kulolo. After the rain subsided we had a delicious meal of mac n’ cheese, played some team games and headed to the tents for a well deserved rest. Today = AWESOME!