Guizhou, China

Last week, we spent three nights in the Zhaoxing village in Guizhou, China. We met our new tour guide, Alex after our “lovely” overnight train ride from Chengdu to Guiyang. The group worked for two days at the Jitang Primary school, in a village about 20 minutes away from Zhaoxing. Each morning, we rode in our bus up winding roads through tiered rice fields, admiring the incredible views it allowed of the villages below. Read more

At school, we made so many little friends!! Our first day, we agreed to put away our cameras to build relationships with the students. We played Ring-Around-the-Rosie, some variations of tag, and just goofed around with the kids. While some of us played patty-cake with the girls, others rough housed with the boys.

The first morning, we spoke with the school’s principal, gaining a stronger understanding of the Chinese school system, as well as his school. Afterwards, we attended math or Chinese class for the 1st and 2nd grade classes. Following lunch, we taught classes – Sports and Arts and Crafts. The kids loved it!! In Sports class, Isabelle and Karly gave the students a break from marching back and forth to play games like sharks and minnows, duck duck goose, and a relay race with jump ropes and nerf footballs. For Arts and Crafts class, Bridget and Kate guided the students to made tissue paper flowers and draw animal masks. At the end of Arts and Crafts, the kids loved it so much, they stayed in the classroom instead of going out for break time.

After our first full day at school, some of us walked around the village, learning more and more about the rich Dong culture. The village is being built into a tourism town, but thankfully, not much has actually changed within the past 8 years, according to Alex.