Gaucho Homestay #1


Hey guys!

This week has been our second homestay and it has been great. We were split into two groups: in my house are Alli, Soren, Phil, Johnny and Eric. Typically, wake up time is around 9 am for breakfast where we have some homemade bread, eggs, avocado and coffee. After breakfast we help around the property moving fire wood and cleaning dishes.

In the afternoon we go to the school and just help out in the classroom as much as we can, whether it’s teaching the kids some English or playing games with them. The first day in my class the students all dressed up in traditional Chilean gaucho attire, sang and danced to traditional Chilean music and brought in mate and homemade sopapillas for us. It was interesting because earlier this week I was talking with one of the teachers at the school and he was explaining to me that being a teacher in Cerro Castillo is hard because most of the students would much rather be out on the land learning how to be country men or women than be in a classroom. People here truly live off the land, they raise their own livestock for food and burn fire wood for warmth. After school we split up and go back to our own houses to eat dinner and hang out playing cards or journaling, or watching movies.