I wish I could describe to you the feeling of India in its purest form- the overwhelming smell of incense, spices, heated trash, and fried foods that tangle themselves together with such intensity.

I wish I could show you the vibrant colors of the rickshaws navigating their way through the constant, flowing traffic, the saris that hang so gracefully and beautifully from women, the monkeys that mingle amongst the narrow markets in the heart of Delhi. I wish you could hear the car and motorcycle horns honking so loud you can no longer navigate through your own thoughts. The traffic, the markets, the swarms of people and the ever radiating humid heat, these are the things that make this place so uniquely different and stunning; no place in the world can compare to Delhi, and nothing ever will.

We spent yesterday making our way through the winding streets of Paharganj led by two teenagers who were once living on the streets and now work for the non-profit, Salaam Baalak trust. (This NGO provides both education and shelter for working children in the inner cities of New Delhi.) The walk came to a close as each guide shared his personal story of hardship that eventually led him to Salaam Baalak trust. Needless to say, we can feel a shift happening within our hearts. There is something so uniquely special in the way that India can affect you in such a profound way.

After a final day exploring the intricacies of all that Delhi has to offer followed by an evening yoga class with our leaders, we make our way into the Himalayas in the morning!