Culture in Thailand!

After a rustic night of stargazing at the orphanage, we were happy to learn we had a half an hour more of sleep the following day. In the morning, we boarded the “tuk-tuk party bus” which drove us two hours to spend a refreshing night with Buddhist monks.

On the way, we stopped off at a small street restaurant and enjoyed a birthday cake for Laura’s 17th birthday. Happy birthday Laura! We continued on our trek to the monastery where we would be transformed into the most peaceful of beings for the next day and a half. We began the transformation with the meeting of two monks; one from America, and the other from Austria. They were both visiting the Thai monastery. Realizing they both spoke English pretty well was a relief to all of us and helped us to open up to them.

The monks took us to a nearby temple and showed us great examples of walking meditation, sitting meditation, as well as chanting meditation. They asked our opinion on what method helped us the most. They began to apply Buddhist teachings to our own lives. They provided us with wisdom on how to feed our “good wolf” more than the “bad wolf” of our minds. The whole night was extremely moving and allowed us to bond even more as maximum supreme Rib-Royians (Rib Roy is our group name).

At 5:45 the next morning, we awoke to the fresh smell of rain and a cool breeze which made our meditation walk that much more enjoyable. We were blessed to be able to be involved in the sacred giving of food to the monks. It educated us even more on the culture and how they live their lives. The day moved on and we began our bus ride which took us to the breath-taking Erawan falls; a 7 tier waterfall and natural water park. Half the group made it to the 7th tier while the other half moved at a slower place and almost got attacked by monkeys. We miss you all back home and are having an incredible time!