Building a Library

We woke up extremely early this morning and we sat down to a breakfast of…banana pancakes! We walked to the site where we would be working and building for the next few days. We split into two groups, one that sanded the wood, and one that sawed and hammered the wood into place. My group was the group that cut the wood.

This wood working was unlike anything else I have done. Everything had to be done manually. Sawing had to be done with handsaws. It was sobering to see that all buildings are not constructed with power tools. By the end of the day, the frame of the library had taken shape. Seeing that was rewarding, and we all felt very accomplished when we saw just how far the project had come. After a lunch of sandwiches, watermelon, and juice, we took a hike to José’s farm. There we discovered how to make sugarcane juice and were able to see one of the plants the locals use to concoct remedies for stomach sickness. The farm also had ducks, chickens, and HUGE smelly pigs. It was really cool to be able to see how the people here live their lives on a day to day basis. We also collected trees that we would plant later in the trip.