Boys and Girls Club Service

Today we headed to Lydgate Beach Park to help run the “Mini Olympics” with the Boys and Girl’s Club. We got to help out at each event… obstacle course, volleyball/soccer, cross fit and track & field. The kids were so much fun to work with and although it was super hot we made sure to take breaks and play with the kids in the sprinklers.

For lunch we ate the chili and pulled pork that was provided and then headed to the beach to swim with the kids. When we had had enough of the water and sun we went back to the pavilion to meet the mayor and a former NFL player from the Saints. On our way home we stopped for our first group grocery shop where we purchased supplies for french toast, egg and bacon scramble, mac n cheese, mexican salad and more. We also stopped by the summer fair to do a little shopping. Some bought dresses, others bought ukuleles. Once back at our campsite we made dinner and started a fire to roast marshmallows for smores before evening circle where we played entourage and pterodactyl.
We are looking forward to heading to Waimea tomorrow to work with the Waimea boys and Girls Club!