Birthday Fun in Cairns, Australia!

Today was Jessica’s birthday! Yay! We had a blast celebrating her b-day with cake and ice cream. Though the cake was a nice ending to the day, we had the chance to partake in some other amazing and exciting activities during the day. First we went to the Wildlife Dome in Cairns where we got to see lots of Australian wildlife, and learn about native reptiles. Some members of the group even got their picture taken with a crocodile or python, while others had the chance to hold the less intimidating koala bear! After we put the animals down and ate some lunch, we were picked up by Raft and Rainforest, a whitewater rafting company. We began our first day of two days rafting on the Barron River. We went on some class 3 rapids which was a nice warm up for tomorrow’s rafting adventure on the even bigger Tully River. We all enjoyed ourselves on the rapids, splashing and pulling eachother off the rafts! We all left soaking wet and laughing, excited for tomorrow’s rafting adventure on the Tully River. Today was a great day!