A Surfing Song

The sun comes up, The sky is blue My first day of surfing And real camping, too.

Rashguard on,
I’m ready to roll,
Determination in my soul


Not sure what to expect
Don’t know what to say
I remember the sound of the waves crashing
For the first time that day.
Me and the rest of ARCC
Experiencing it together
Knowing that these memories
Will last forever.

I met my instructors
Down by the sand,
Then I practiced the pop-up
On a surfboard drawn by hand.

I paddled out for the first go
A crowd of friends watching
To see the show
At first a bit scared
I had some doubt
Started a little shakey
But rode the wave all out.


After getting back to camp
I had a nice meal,
Delicious snacks and sandwiches made me feel
All fueled up
And ready for more
I grabbed my surfboard
And headed to shore.