A River Runs Through It

Leaving Chiang Mai, we traveled to the artsy little town of Pai, and spent the night in some beautiful riverside bungalows. We explored the local markets and enjoyed the hammocks strung up in our courtyard. The next day we began our two day rafting adventure with an orientation and safety talk at the raft company’s villa and then hopped into our three rubber rafts with our intrepid Thai guides named Chicken, Crab and Mike.

Hitting the rapids of the Pai River at full speed, the first day brought us rain and Class III rapids, which everyone paddled through with beaming, smiling faces. The Pai River runs through some beautiful, pristine jungle with high canyon walls covered in bright greens and colorful flowers. We saw deer, monkeys, and kingfishers playing along the water’s edge as we bobbed down. Soaking wet, we arrived at our rustic jungle camp for the night and after hot drinks and popcorn, we felt right at home in the bamboo bungalows. The second day brought us even more rapids as well as some sunshine! The group loved the feeling of traveling through the heart of Thailand’s jungles by river and felt as though we were seeing a part of the country they hadn’t seen yet.

Tomorrow night we have our Final Feast and closing ceremonies in Bangkok and then depart for our long journey home. Everyone is excited to see their families and friends but we’re all going to miss this beautiful country and the little family we’ve made here the past month. We worked hard, played hard and got the unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in Thailand in a way most travelers don’t.