A Good Beginning

Aloha from Hawaii! The past 3 days have been so much fun! Everyone in the group is so friendly and I feel like I already know everyone so well. For our first community service project we worked with Surfrider Foundation to test the water around Hanalei Bay for pollution. On our second day we worked with the Foundation to collect trash along two different beaches. I was so surprised at all of the trash we were able to find buried in the sand, but the ocean was so beautiful.

Today we attempted to pull abandoned fishing nets out of the sand along the beach. We all were able to work together and got almost all of the nets out of the sand! This afternoon we went outrigger canoeing and it was so much fun. We got all the way to the pier and almost everyone jumped off! When we got back we had dinner and challenged the Blue Water group to Birdie on a Perch duel. It was a tough match. After we all sat around the campfire and talked about the trip so far. I have loved being able to bond with the group and am excited for the rest to come!