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The ARCC Gap experience is best told through our past students and their parents. We receive countless emails, letters, and phone calls from students and parents telling us about their incredible ARCC experience; each one represents a student whose life has changed by traveling with ARCC. We are thrilled to share their comments.

“ARCC’s Gap Semester was the most exciting, formative experience of my life. I’m leaving this program with amazing friends, hilarious and mind-blowing stories, and most importantly a greater sense of purpose, confidence, and self than I have ever had. From the moment I set foot in Peru to the moment I left Ecuador, I never doubted that I was where I’m meant to be.”

— Poppy L., Westport, CT, Boston University ’26

“Thanks for providing an amazing experience and inspiring confidence throughout. We feel wonderful about ARCC and are so grateful that Isaiah had this opportunity!”

— Parent of Isaiah Y., Mountain View, CA, Emory ’25

“This was truly the experience of a lifetime. I made amazing connections with both my peers and the instructors. We were constantly surrounded by the most amazing environments and landscapes and I learned so much about myself as a young adult.”

— Maya S., Cambridge, MA, Sarah Lawrence ’25

“It was a truly life-changing experience. The program was well-organized and well-executed, led by caring and competent instructors, and back by a highly organized, personable, smart, and compassionate administration. We could not have been more pleased and appreciative.”

— Parent of Katherine C., Carmel, IN, Depauw University ’25

“The instructors balanced friend and authority well, made Jack feel an important part of the group, kept things moving, made the students responsible without overwhelming them, provided a feeling of security and adventure, and were fun and adventurous themselves. The pace was great. The experiences were life-changing. I think every child should do something like this before heading out into the world. I think it helps build confidence and independence in a safe, structured environment. The diverse experiences and people met open eyes to the world beyond high school.”

— Parent of Jack S., San Diego, CA, Western Washington ‘24

“Paul had such an amazing experience in East Africa. He came home with so many amazing stories and reflections about his experiences, also with a new maturity that can only result from experiences like the ones he had with ARCC.”

— Parent of Paul S., Randolph Center, VT, University of Vermont ‘24

“I’m very impressed with your organization. Jordan had the experience of a lifetime and enjoyed every minute. The education, giving back in the service projects, and learning how to adapt to different cultures and lack of American conveniences is part of the education I had hoped he would receive.”

— Parent of Jordan Y., Del Mar, CA, Endicott ‘22

“ARCC is well organized and a smart blend of learning, service, experiencing the culture, and team building. Philip made wonderful friends with other participants, and the instructors are fantastic role models.”

— Parent of Philip D., Birmingham, AL, Sewanee ‘22

“I highly recommend ARCC for anyone who wants to engage in unconventional learning and stray from the common path. You’ll learn a lot about both yourself and the world and you’ll gain a group of lifelong friends.”

— Sirena B., Carmel Valley, CA, UCLA ‘22

“I enjoyed that ARCC is so tight-knit from admin to students and think that’s a real strength.”

— Soren K., Boulder, CO, University of Puget Sound ‘22

“ARCC Gap has changed my life. It is the best thing I could have done for myself and has fueled my love for travel, service and adventure. I have experienced exploring in a whole new way and I can’t wait to continue life with the newfound perspective I’ve gained from partaking in this program.”

— Camille S., Tampa, FL, College of Charleston ’21

“This semester will definitely push you outside of your comfort zone, but the experience of an ARCC semester abroad is unparalleled to anything I will ever experience again.”

— Shayna G., Potomac, MD, Emory ’25

“Going on this trip with ARCC has made me appreciate the opportunities I’ve been given far more than I’d considered. Because of this I’m more driven to succeed in college as not a lot of people get the chance to receive a college level education.”

— Peter H., Lancaster, PA, CU Boulder ’19

“You have a superb program! The impact ARCC had on our daughter was monumental and empowering.”

— Parent of Acacia H., New York, NY, Bard ’18

“We immediately noted a new maturity with Erin — a gratefulness for the abundance to which she has access here in the US, less tendency toward small dramas, even more empathy for others than before. Erin feel more well traveled now and aware of global happenings and issues.”

— Parent of Erin P., Fort Collins, CO, Colorado State ’18

“The differences I can see in myself after this semester are indescribable. I have learned so much about not only myself, but about the world I live in. My eyes have been opened, and these experiences will stay with me forever, and continue to shape the way I live my life.”

— Sedona L., Franklin Hills, NJ, Hampshire ’18

“The cultural exposure was one of my favorite aspects of this trip. I felt like I was living the true ways of the people of those countries.”

— Sedona L., Franklin Hills, NJ, Hampshire College ’18

“Doing a semester with ARCC was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. I learned a lot about myself, had one of the greatest experiences of my life, gained new skills, and made tons of new friendships around the world, but also in my group.”

— Connor M., Dallas, GA, Miami University ’18

“I didn’t realize how much I love to learn until I came here, now I am excited to go back and start college.”

— Jessie H., El Dorado Hills, CA, CU Boulder ’18

“She didn’t want to come home! I think that says it all.”

— Meredith B., Raleigh, NC, UNC Chapel Hill ’19

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