Bobbi Anderson

Bobbi came to ARCC passionate about experiential, project and service-based learning, travel, and international semester programs. Having spent her childhood between Montana and Mexico, Bobbi became fluent in Spanish at a young age, and simultaneously developed a love of travel and adventure. Bobbi’s love of semester programs began in high school during an educational semester in Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. She has dedicated her past eight years to travel, education and play, spending time in Nicaragua where she co-founded an education center for students of all ages, in India where she studied traditional Indian cultural rituals and became conversational in Hindi, in Ecuador where she worked for a sexual violence prevention center, and in Thailand, Canada and Peru teaching English and global relations. For the past six years, Bobbi has spent her summers guiding rafting trips on the Salmon River and in the Grand Canyon where she takes great joy in watching people disconnect from their everyday lives. In downtime, Bobbi loves dancing, playing music, writing, metalsmithing, and being a goofball!