Why Every Summer is the Perfect Summer for an ARCC Program: Five Benefits of Returning as an Alumnus

You’ll enter your second summer calm, cool, and collected.

Even after poring over your packing list, attending your pre-trip briefing, and practically memorizing your itinerary, so much can feel uncertain to a first-time traveler. But after spending a summer traveling across the globe with a dozen strangers-turned-family, your first-timer fears are history. As an ARCC alumnus, you know that although everything may not always go as planned you can handle the unexpected bumps in the road that can arise and make this the Perfect Summer. And what’s more, you know your leaders and new friends will always have your back.

You know the traditions, you’re part of the family, and you’ll be ready to share the #ARCClove.

Remember the chow circles that taught you something you never would have guessed about your new friend? The games that made you laugh to the point of tears? The little rope around your wrist that makes you smile every time it catches your eye? Now is your chance to spread that joy by welcoming the ARCC newbies in your group into the fold. Not only watching, but participating as they come to know the comfort, support, and FUN of the ARCC experience. It will warm your heart.

You’ll be excited as ever to explore another new corner of the globe.

Immersing yourself in a new culture never gets old. As much as you learn about yourself on an ARCC program, there is even more to be learned about other ways of life worldwide, whether you’re exploring Indian spice markets or traveling back in time in Havana, Cuba. Similarly, a second (or third or fourth or fifth!) ARCC program means the chance to take in new sights, eat new foods and try new activities all over again this summer! If you spent last summer searching for lions, elephants, and rhinos in Tanzania, this is the perfect summer to pursue scuba certification in Thailand or whitewater raft in Peru.

You’ll feel rejuvenated by the opportunity to participate in meaningful service once again.

Over and over studies have shown that doing good makes us feel good. Remember how grateful you were for the communities that took you in as their own during your last ARCC experience? Be prepared for that appreciation to wash over you once again as you work to construct water filtration systems in a rural Cambodian village or teach English to eager young Fijian children. An added bonus? It doesn’t looks too shabby on your resume either.

You’ll learn that although your first program was special in a million ways, there are so many once-in-a-lifetime adventures still to come.

You will always cherish the memories you created with your friends on your first ARCC program. Fortunately, the jokes, challenges, and adventures you share on your next program will only add to the #ARCClove. Each ARCC experience is extraordinary in its own way, and there are too many wonderful parts of the world to explore to stop at just one. Where will you go this summer?


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