Announcing New ARCC Spring Semester Gap Programs

ARCC is thrilled to announce two 90-day Spring semester gap programs to compliment our Fall gap offerings. Beginning in February of 2017, ARCC will offer a brand new Spring semester gap program in Patagonia and Cuba, as well as our popular Asia gap semester offering to China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

These programs are designed to be either stand alone spring programs or natural extensions of ARCC’s Fall semester gap programs. Just as with our fall gap programs, these new spring semester gap programs will use service learning experiences and cultural immersion as the jumping off points for discussions centered around our five global gap themes:

  1. Environment and Conservation
  2. Literacy and Education
  3. Public Health
  4. Microfinance and Economic Growth
  5. Urbanization and the Movement of Peoples

Patagonia and Cuba: Spring Semester Gap Program

ARCC Spring Semester Gap Programs in Patagonia & Cuba - Map

February 6 – May 6 (Dates subject to change. Click here for current dates)
The Patagonia & Cuba Spring Semester Gap Program explores the wild frontiers, rugged mountain ranges and stunning coastlines of Chile and South America’s Patagonia region. The program then travels to Cuba, the vibrant Caribbean nation closed to U.S. travelers for almost 60 years, and home to a fun loving, proud and welcoming population. With unparalleled access to these remote and rarely visited destinations, we explore our five gap Global Themes through service learning projects, travel and research that includes fishery studies in the southern Pacific Ocean, trail work in Patagonia’s park system, climate change research in Chile’s high country, teaching English to Cuban students ages 5-60, providing meals for Cuba’s underserved elderly population, and much more. Along the way, the group experiences the Latin magic and electric atmospheres of Havana and Santiago and Cuba’s magnificent caribbean beaches and crystal clear waters. This immersive 90-day educational semester is a formative experience, breaking the mold of the traditional academic classroom.

Asia: Spring Semester Gap Program (China, Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand)

February 6 – May 6 (Dates subject to change. Click here for current dates)
ARCC Spring Semester Gap Programs in Patagonia & Cuba - MapARCC’s Asia Spring Semester Gap Program travels through the culturally distinct nations of China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. This one-of-a-kind experience blends education, service and exploration of these ancient cultures. With decades of experience in Asia, this program dives deep into unique and untouched geographies, rarely visited by outsiders, to unearth a way of life rooted in history over the course of centuries. With projects and curriculum grounded in our five Global Themes, students on our Asia Spring Semester Gap programs explore the issue of human trafficking with a local NGO, camp overnight on the Great Wall of China, install clean water filters in rural Cambodian homes, study the devastating effects of Agent Orange in Hanoi, work side-by-side with local mahouts and biologists at an Elephant Rehabilitation Center in Thailand and much more.


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