Rounding out the trip

The calming memories of thousands of limestone karsts rising from Lan Ha Bay’s blue waters fade away and we find ourselves in a sea of people once again. Hanoi’s old quarter is a thousand years old and buzzes with life as we meander these narrow streets. We spend some time for reflection at a centuries […]

Phnom Penh

After a short flight delay and a quick connection in Laos, there was lots of excitement as we boarded a bus that would be taking us around Cambodia. While our bus driver navigated the chaotic, busy streets of Phnom Penh, our guide started to brief our group on Cambodia and its interesting history. Our guide […]

Building Bio-Sand Water Filters in Cambodia

Today, we learned a lesson in appreciating the power of simple “things” and how these simple “things” can really change the lives of so many. Our group woke up and enjoyed a traditional breakfast at a local restaurant and then made the short trip to the headquarters of an organization dedicated to improving the lives […]

Installing the Water Filters

Today was one of the best days of the trip so far! We got the chance to install two of the water filters that we made in a small village. We washed the rocks and sand that are used to purify the water in the bio-sand filters. The head of the foundation, Uncle Vic, warned […]

A special day teaching

Today, Cambodians commemorated the King’s death by taking a day off from school. Back home, I count down the days until each holiday, and entertain myself in my free time with Netflix and meals with friends. Here however, even when education is scarce, kids use their holiday at school, learning and playing together. When we […]