Hiking around Peru is considered a normal form of transportation from town to town, often seeing Quechuan women herding their sheep along the paths. We were given the chance to hike six hours to Patabamba, a local community almost 13,000ft in elevation in the Sacred Valley. Most of us waked the 25km into the village, […]

Exploring the Amazon

On Monday we left the city of Quito headed for Tena, the entry to the Amazon. On the way we stopped for an awesome waterfall hike and lunch. Once we arrived and settled into our hotel we went to dinner, explored Tena, and had some helado (ice cream). On Tuesday we had another super fun […]

Patabamba Hike

This week has been WICKED!! We started it off with a 7 1/2 hour hike to Patabamba, where we would stay with a local family, teach English to kids, and build guinea pig pens. The hike was certainly something. 5 of us hiked with Kaitlyn, while the rest of us drove with JP. I endured […]

Minas Chupas

I hardly even know where to start in writing about our week in Minas Chupa up in the Andes in Ecuador. I’m Reece, and Carson and I started our reign as Leaders of the Week in this very lovely place. The people of the community have been so extraordinarily welcoming to us, we’ve spent our […]

Daily log for the Torres Del Paine hike

Day 1 (Looking Outward): Via bus, then boat, we reached the starting line of our first hike. The palpable nervousness is never mentioned, but evident in tightened laughs and longer silences. Despite adequate preparation, tension lingers. Within the first twenty minutes of trekking, conversation naturally gives way to admiration of our surroundings. We walked through […]