Daily log for the Torres Del Paine hike

Day 1 (Looking Outward): Via bus, then boat, we reached the starting line of our first hike. The palpable nervousness is never mentioned, but evident in tightened laughs and longer silences. Despite adequate preparation, tension lingers. Within the first twenty minutes of trekking, conversation naturally gives way to admiration of our surroundings. We walked through […]


Arriving in Valparaiso is a bit like being dropped into the middle of a well-used coloring book. The first thing we noticed as our van began to wind its way through town was the abundance of street art. Brightly colored and often quirky, few surfaces have been left untouched; in fact, we learned that many […]

Gaucho Homestay #1

  Hey guys! This week has been our second homestay and it has been great. We were split into two groups: in my house are Alli, Soren, Phil, Johnny and Eric. Typically, wake up time is around 9 am for breakfast where we have some homemade bread, eggs, avocado and coffee. After breakfast we help […]