Quitugo Village Service!

Today we woke up early so that we could maximize our community service hours. We started off the day by breaking into two groups: one group of four and another group of eight. The small group helped a family by replacing their decrepit concrete floors with new ones. The larger group started making the foundation […]

Whitewater Rafting!

Today is the best holiday in existence: Canada Day! To celebrate Canada Day, we went whitewater rafting in the Napo River. Today was filled with adventure and it took us about 4 hours to go down the river. Between the game on the raft and chocolate cake at lunch, today was pretty successful. Many people […]

Galapagos Service & Wildlife!

So far, our experiences in the Galapagos have been incredible. On Saturday, we embarked on a beautiful snorkeling adventure. During a brief boat ride, we saw diverse wildlife like playful sea lions, large crabs, and blue-footed boobies. We arrived at our first snorkeling area and were amazed at the reefs and tropical fish. We even […]