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5 Benefits to Traveling Abroad

Most teenager’s travel experience has come from family trips. Traveling with family is a great way for kids to gain new experiences… get out of their daily routines and begin to explore all that the world has to offer. As kids make the difficult transition from childhood to young adulthood… they often want to spread their wings and explore their world with a little extra freedom and responsibility. 

High School Summer Travel Programs with Unique Destinations

High school summer travel programs are an experience of a lifetime for teens. They also provide a wealth of benefits. Our students immerse in new cultures, gain historical perspective, and lend a helpful hand on meaningful service projects. High school participants not only get a broader vision of the world but can help impact it for the better.

Teenage Travel Programs that Focus on Global Conservation and Sustainable Development

Since it’s inception in 1970, Earth Day has grown to symbolize our global recognition that the environmental issues that face our planet not only have to be tackled on the ground but must also be addressed as a global community. Observed in over 190 countries, Earth Day is celebrated every April 22 with demonstrations and special events to bring awareness and show support for important environmental topics and legislation. Considered the largest non-secular holiday in the world…

Should I Visit Costa Rica? Here Are 6 Reasons to Travel To Costa Rica This Summer!

Do you find yourself wondering “Should I visit Costa Rica this summer or wait and travel somewhere else first?” Costa Rica is a beautiful country, filled with gorgeous landscapes, unique wildlife, and friendly people, putting it at the top of the bucket-list destination for many world travelers. There is no reason to put it off, here are 6 reasons why you should visit Costa Rica as soon as possible…

Traveling in Cuba with ARCC

A Time Capsule: Traveling in Cuba Through The Eyes of an ARCC Alumni Student

It’s rare students find the words to describe their international summer service program. We talk about re-entry shock; how difficult it is to feel that people understand the experience you’ve had in such a foreign place. Traveling in Cuba can be particularly eye-opening, in a way that makes returning home a bit difficult. Did you have fun? Yeah. Did you make friends? Yeah. Was the food good? Yeah.

Teaching English on an ARCC Summer Volunteer Program in Costa Rica

3 Impactful Summer Volunteer Programs In Costa Rica For Teens

ARCC has been operating summer volunteer programs in Costa Rica since 1993 and these Costa Rica service programs have continued to be our most popular destination for almost 25 years and it’s for good reason: each year we return to the same communities year after year to volunteer on community-driven service projects. Through the years we’ve built deep relationships through meaningful service and immersion in these communities.

Outdoor Programs for Teens: 7 Reasons For High Schoolers to Get Outside this Summer

Our domestic service programs are exciting outdoor programs for teens where, in addition to volunteering and earning hours of community service, we explore places like Lake Tahoe, Yosemite National Park, and The Napali Coast while learning to surf and going whitewater rafting. Every year when talking about our Domestic Programs service programs for teens, we are faced with the same question:

10 Fun Facts About California

California is iconic for its miles of coastline, large number of National Parks, and incredible cities. On our 14-Day Service Program, you will embark on an epic road trip from the Golden Gate Bridge to towering granite cliffs of Yosemite National Park. On the way, you will work to care for the homeless through meal outreach programs in the city

Books and Films to Uncover the Real Thailand

ARCC’s goal on our international summer volunteer programs is to take our students off the beaten path to places seldom seen by just the average tourist. Over the last 20 years or so ARCC staff has spent countless hours trying to uncover the real Thailand. We’ve tried new foods, only to watch locals eat unrecognizable dishes from the same food cart; rode motorbikes over the hills of