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Gap Alumni Spotlight: Cailey Newton, Tyler Armer & Maggie Dubus

One of the biggest perks of working in the gap year field is the opportunity to get to know our students. These young adults are not only willing to buck the trends by stepping off the traditional educational treadmill for a semester or year to do something drastically different, but are doing so with an eagerness and earnestness to see the world, gain new perspectives, give back through hands-on service, form deep and intentional friendships, develop skills and hone their passions during their gap year. There’s no better way to learn what the ARCC Gap Year experience is all about than to learn from those who have gone before.

ARCC Gap Wins 2018 “Most Fun” Gap Year Award!

The results of the Go Overseas 2018 Community Choice Awards are in and ARCC Gap is excited to announce that we have been awarded the “Most Fun” Gap Year program for 2018! What an honor to receive this award, especially considering that ARCC’s Gap Year programs are educational and community service based. We’ve always believed that giving back can be fun, and we are so pleased to see that our alumni students agree!

Six 90-Day Gap Year Programs with ARCC Gap

What is a gap year program one might ask? Though a relatively new concept here in the United States, we have been excited to see the increase in awareness and interest in gap year programs in recent years. A gap year can be defined in many ways based on the purpose it serves for each individual and can take a variety of forms

The China Section: Reflections by ARCC 2018 Students on the Gap Semester in Asia

These reflections are written by ARCC Gap Semester students from the first month of ARCC’s Fall 2018 Gap Semester in Asia. This 90 day Gap program offers educational, volunteer, and community service opportunities as well as cultural immersion in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. The first month of this Gap Year Progam for these students was spent exploring the culture and history of China.

Love for Ladakh: ARCC’s Himalayan Project Strikes Deep in The Heart of Northern India

With the vast rocky plains, gushing glacial streams and staggering snow-capped peaks, the expanses of Northern India’s Himalayan range are a sight to behold for students on ARCC’s summer service program in India. Many come here to experience life at the top of the world and tour a landscape much different from Southern India’s urban centers. As you make your way North rising through

Elephant Conservation in Thailand: ARCC Spotlight Service Project

There is something mysteriously majestic and almost human about the earth’s largest land mammal: the human-like eyes, the muscular grandeur, the millions of wrinkles suggesting the wisdom of the ages. Elephants are unimaginably strong, immeasurably smart, and undeniably interesting, which is why no trip to Thailand is complete without an interaction with these creatures. This is why the spotlight service project of our Thailand: Elephant Experience trip focuses on conserving these incredible mammals by learning…

The Perfect Combination of Serious & Silly

“Would you rather have candy corn for teeth, or candy canes for arms?” A group of ARCC leaders sits in an open field near Muir Woods during staff training and debates this well beyond the confines of what such a ridiculous question might indicate. We are all in our twenties, and not one of us finds this question odd or pointless. There is a lot to think about. Are the candy canes candy cane sized, or arm sized? Does the candy corn regenerate?

Reflecting on the things I learned on my Gap Semester

10 Things I Learned On My Gap Semester

This fall, I traveled to Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania on ARCC’s Gap Africa program. After living 90 days of adventure, learning, challenge, and so much newness, all I can say that will do it justice is that it was the experience of a lifetime. The things I learned on my gap semester seem endless, but these are the ten that impacted me the most…