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Gap Alumni Spotlight: Cailey Newton, Tyler Armer & Maggie Dubus

One of the biggest perks of working in the gap year field is the opportunity to get to know our students. These young adults are not only willing to buck the trends by stepping off the traditional educational treadmill for a semester or year to do something drastically different, but are doing so with an eagerness and earnestness to see the world, gain new perspectives, give back through hands-on service, form deep and intentional friendships, develop skills and hone their passions during their gap year. There’s no better way to learn what the ARCC Gap Year experience is all about than to learn from those who have gone before.

Seven Life Lessons I Learned on My Gap Year

For my Gap Year, I went to East Africa with ARCC. I went into the semester with no expectations or worries, which I think allowed me to have the most open mind as possible. Going on that semester was probably the single greatest experience of my life and I came home with a lot of growth, knowledge, and appreciation for new things.

After being home in Boston for only a week I hopped on another plane and moved down to Florida where I would be spending the next four months working and living by myself. Mixed in the middle of my time in Florida, I joined my uncle on a one week trip to Delhi, India. To end my year I went to…

The Students Perspective: Traveling to Cambodia on a Custom Service Program With ARCC

Just before our spring break in 2018 (around late March and early April), 11 students from KLS, including myself, spent about two weeks exploring Cambodia with each other and ARCC. Our trip was greatly centered around service, as well as tourism and more general exploration. Cambodia also has a rich, dark history, much of which we spent time before and during our trip learning about.

ARCC Gap Wins 2018 “Most Fun” Gap Year Award!

The results of the Go Overseas 2018 Community Choice Awards are in and ARCC Gap is excited to announce that we have been awarded the “Most Fun” Gap Year program for 2018! What an honor to receive this award, especially considering that ARCC’s Gap Year programs are educational and community service based. We’ve always believed that giving back can be fun, and we are so pleased to see that our alumni students agree!

Teenage Travel Programs that Focus on Global Conservation and Sustainable Development

Since it’s inception in 1970, Earth Day has grown to symbolize our global recognition that the environmental issues that face our planet not only have to be tackled on the ground but must also be addressed as a global community. Observed in over 190 countries, Earth Day is celebrated every April 22 with demonstrations and special events to bring awareness and show support for important environmental topics and legislation. Considered the largest non-secular holiday in the world…

Should I Visit Costa Rica? Here Are 6 Reasons to Travel To Costa Rica This Summer!

Do you find yourself wondering “Should I visit Costa Rica this summer or wait and travel somewhere else first?” Costa Rica is a beautiful country, filled with gorgeous landscapes, unique wildlife, and friendly people, putting it at the top of the bucket-list destination for many world travelers. There is no reason to put it off, here are 6 reasons why you should visit Costa Rica as soon as possible…

A Time Capsule: Traveling in Cuba Through The Eyes of an ARCC Alumni Student

It’s rare students find the words to describe their international summer service program. We talk about re-entry shock; how difficult it is to feel that people understand the experience you’ve had in such a foreign place. Traveling in Cuba can be particularly eye-opening, in a way that makes returning home a bit difficult. Did you have fun? Yeah. Did you make friends? Yeah. Was the food good? Yeah.

3 Impactful Summer Volunteer Programs In Costa Rica For Teens

ARCC has been operating summer volunteer programs in Costa Rica since 1993 and these Costa Rica service programs have continued to be our most popular destination for almost 25 years and it’s for good reason: each year we return to the same communities year after year to volunteer on community-driven service projects. Through the years we’ve built deep relationships through meaningful service and immersion in these communities.

Outdoor Programs for Teens: 7 Reasons For High Schoolers to Get Outside this Summer

Our domestic service programs are exciting outdoor programs for teens where, in addition to volunteering and earning hours of community service, we explore places like Lake Tahoe, Yosemite National Park, and The Napali Coast while learning to surf and going whitewater rafting. Every year when talking about our Domestic Programs service programs for teens, we are faced with the same question:

Nine 70-Day Gap Year Programs with ARCC Gap

What is a gap year program one might ask? Though a relatively new concept here in the United States, we have been excited to see the increase in awareness and interest in gap year programs in recent years. A gap year can be defined in many ways based on the purpose it serves for each individual and can take a variety of forms