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10 Fun Facts About California

California is iconic for its miles of coastline, large number of National Parks, and incredible cities. On our 14-Day Service Program, you will embark on an epic road trip from the Golden Gate Bridge to towering granite cliffs of Yosemite National Park. On the way, you will work to care for the homeless through meal outreach programs in the city

Books and Films to Uncover the Real Thailand

ARCC’s goal on our international summer volunteer programs is to take our students off the beaten path to places seldom seen by just the average tourist. Over the last 20 years or so ARCC staff has spent countless hours trying to uncover the real Thailand. We’ve tried new foods, only to watch locals eat unrecognizable dishes from the same food cart; rode motorbikes over the hills of

Reading and Viewing List for your Trip to Cambodia

No traveler ever wants to leave Cambodia. We know this, here at ARCC, because we hear it every summer from every student and every leader who has the opportunity to visit this warm country. Each time a gap semester or teen summer service program ends, we have students and leaders telling us they can’t wait to go back.

Books and Films to Understand Vietnam’s Past and Future

One of the best activities on ARCC’s Southeast Asia: Grassroots Initiatives and Asia Gap Semesters, is meeting Vietnamese veterans of the Vietnam war (or, what they call the “American war”). For students on both programs, the vets spend a morning sharing stories of war and tragedy, and expressing the importance of peace and friendship, which now exist between our two countries.